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AIMA - Dr. J. S. Juneja Award for
Creativity and Innovation for Micro Small
and Medium Scale Enterprises


Award Application Form

Please fill up the required information. Fields marked with (*) are mandatory.
Nominator Information Name and Title:
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1. Basic Information of the Organisation
Details of the employer and MSME unit to be considered for the award.
Name of the Entrepreneur/CEO/MD/Proprietor/Director:
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Organisation Name:
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1.2 Please select the section under which your company would like to be evaluated for the award.
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Note: Companies into trader are not eligible to participate
1.3 Ownership Pattern (select as applicable)
  • Proprietary
  • Partnership
  • Pvt. Ltd.
  • Public Limited
  • Any Other
1.4 Scale of Operation (select as applicable)
  • Micro
  • Small
  • Medium
1.5 Give brief detail of your company in 150 words (you may attach copy of company brochure catalog or a presentation)
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2. Innovation of the Company
2.1 Has your company done any innovation in product/process/services in last three years, if yes Please describe the innovation in detail:
2.2 Has there been a positive or Negative impact on our business from taking on any innovation/creativity. Please provide details:
2.3 Copyright/Trademarks & Patents (Kindly enclosed copy of relevant certificates)
Does your company possess any copyrights /trademarks/patents?
  • Copyrights  
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  • No
  • Applied For
  • Not Applicable
  • Patents      
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  • Trademarks
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Give details of the product(s) services(s) for which the company possess copyrights/trademarks/patents.(Please attach copy of relevant certificate)
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3. Is your company rated by any credit rating agency/agencies? If yes give details
S.No.Name of the credit rating agency & rating yearRatingDetails
Part B
4. Company Performance and Innovation details
4.1 Company Performance
Financial Performance Financial Year
Financial Year
Financial Year
Annual Turnover (Rs in Crore)
Profit before Tax
Profit after Tax
Amount spend on R&D (in Lakh)

  • Are the above Financial Statements Audited?
  • Yes
  • No

(Kindly enclose Audited report of previous 3 years where the above mentioned details are highlighted)
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5. Has company engaged external consultants to look into existing product/process and obtained suggestions for improvement. If yes, please mention them (in bullet points) and whether they are implemented?
5.1 How has the innovation and creativity done by your organization impacted the following Tick as per the scale given below:
Parameters Not ImpactedImpacted to Some ExtentImpacted to a moderateImpacted to great extentEntirely Impacted
Increased Productivity
Resource material
Reduce Labor cost
Reduce process/ production time
Improve product features
Reduce Consumption
Increased Competency Knowledge level
6. Standardization and Quality Control (Kindly enclose copy of relevant certificates)
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6.1 Share the details of accredited quality certification (National/International)
ISO (Please Specific): 
ISO 14001:                
7. Company Achievements and Accolades (Kindly enclose relevant certificates)
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7.1 Give details of important achievements which need to be mentioned but are not covered in the Performa.


I certify that the information furnished above is correct to the best of my knowledge.


If the award is conferred upon my organization and the information furnished by me is found to be incorrect. I undertake to refund the cash prize, salver and the award certificate. Further I may also be liable for any action under the law of the land for any declaration.


Note: The companies registered for the award may be asked to submit more documents at the second level of screening by the jury.
You are advised to kindly refer the company documents before duly entering company related information in the form. The jury has all the rights to disqualify the company, if the Application Form and the Company documents/certificates vary or mismatch.