Impacts Of Covid-19 On Business In Indian

Author(s) : Vibhuti Kumar
ISSN : 0974 - 497
Year : May 2021 | Volume : 15 | Issue : 2/4

The COVID-19 outbreak is a sharp reminder that pandemics, like other rarely occurring catastrophes, have happened in the past and will continue to happen in the future. Even if we cannot prevent dangerous viruses from emerging, we should prepare to dampen their effects on society. The current outbreak has had severe economic consequences across the globe, and it does not look like any country will be unaffected. This not only has consequences for the economy; all of society is affected, which has led to dramatic changes in how businesses act, and consumers behave. This special issue is a global effort to address some of the pandemic-related issues affecting society. In total, there are 13 papers that cover different industry sectors (e.g., tourism, retail, food industry, vendors, higher education), changes in consumer behavior and businesses, ethical issues, and aspects related to employees and leaderships.

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