In a resource poor country like India the demand for professionally qualified managers to manage the scarce resources effectively and efficiently is high. This is also indicated by the burgeoning number of institutes, which grant the MBA degree or its equivalent. This growth however, has to be supported by growth in the availability of faculty with doctorate in management subject to man the positions in these institutes so that the quality of management education and research is further improved.

AIMA and AMU Joint PhD programme is aimed at providing formal training to budding faculty and working managers, with inclination for academics, teaching a research. It helps in development of skills and competencies based on a sound understanding of the principles of management and methods of conducting research with scientific rigour.

PhD Programme is beneficial for working managers who are constrained by time and location to pursue regular Ph.D from Universities and other Institutes offering full time Ph.D programmes. It helps in development of skills and competencies based on sound understanding of the principles of management.

About AMU

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is one of the oldest and most distinguished universities of the sub-continent. Founded in 1887 as Mohammadan Anglo-Oriental College by the great social reformer, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, it blossomed into a full-fledged university in 1920. Having its antecedents in the mission and purpose of the founder as amelioration of the educational backwardness of the Muslims of India, it has widened its scope to become an equal-opportunity institution in post-independence India.

AMU is residential university. The diversity of the social life on the campus is the true indicator of its heterogeneity. Seventeen Halls of residence (comprising 89 hostels) accommodate more than 20000 students. There are twelve faculties under which more than 90 departments of studies operate. Today, there are more than 20,000 students in its main campus at Aligarh. Presently the total outlay of the University is of the order of 2000 million Indian Rupees.

AMU is considered by people-who have come in contact with it directly or indirectly- not simply as a structure of bricks and mortar but as a fountainhead of distinct culture. Being residential in character, it not only provides physical space for the students but also 'behavioral space'. The culture of the University instills in the students suave and refined manners, develops interpersonal, entrepreneurial, and leadership skills, and, above all, provides them a sense of living in harmony with other human beings.

Submission of Thesis for PhD (Business Administration)
The candidates shall be eligible to submit his/her thesis after a minimum period of three years from the date of registration in phase II of PhD (Business Administration) Programme. A maximum period of five years, from the date of registration, will be allowed for submission of thesis for the award of PhD (Business Administration). However, the Chairman, Research Committee, on formal request by the candidate and recommendation of the supervisor, may allow an additional six months grace period.

About AIMA

The year 1957 saw the beginning of a powerful movement. `ALL INDIA MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION (AIMA) was created as the national apex body of the management profession, with active support of Government of India and Indian corporate sector. It was intended as a cause group - a body to pool management thoughts in the country, a forum to develop a national managerial ethos, an organization to facilitate the furtherance of management profession and its contribution to the society.

Today, more than five decades later AIMA is recognized for its national stature, upheld by broad base of 58 local management associations and two cooperating associations abroad. Its membership base includes over 30,000 professional individual members and 3,000 corporate organizations as institutional members.


Established in 1993, CME, the education wing of AIMA reinforces management education and offers AICTE approved Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) and its IT variant PGDITM with a student of strength of over 7,000. CME-AIMA is unique among Business Schools because of its industry linkage which is leveraged to get continuous industry inputs to develop and contemporize course contents and facilitate student industry interaction.