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Adler, Ralph William
Strategic performance management : accounting for organizational control/ Ralph
William Adler. London : Routledge Taylor : Francis Group, 2018, P215

Agrawal, Ajay
Prediction machines : the simple economics of artificial intelligence/Ajay Agrawal.
Boston : Harvard Business Review Press, 2018, P250

Anandamurugan, S.
Smart skills for students/S. Anandamurugan. New Delhi : Siya Publishing House,2018,

Eley, Adrian
Becoming a successful early career researcher/Adrian Eley...(etal). London : Routledge
Taylor : Francis Group, 2018, P143

González-Rivera, Gloria
Forecasting for economics and business/Gloria González-Rivera. London : Routledge
Taylor : Francis Group, 2018, P490

Institutes of Directors
A handbook on business ethics/Institutes of Directors. New Delhi : Institutes of
Directors, 2016, P79

Kapila, Uma
Indian economy since independence / Uma Kapila. 19th ed. New Delhi : Academic
Foundation, 2018, P560

Paley, Norton
Effective leadership strategies for the digital age/Norton Paley. New Delhi : Viva Books
Pvt. Ltd, 2018, P266

Ryan, Damian
Understanding digital marketing : marketing strategies for engaging the digital
generation. 4th ed. New Delhi : Kogan Page, 2017, P 424.

Sanati, Gargi
Financing international trade : banking theories and applications/Gargi, Sanati.
New Delhi : Sage Publications India Pvt.Limited, 2017, P264

Sarangi, Saswat
Artificial intelligence : evolution, ethics and public policy/Saswat Sarangi and Pankaj
Sharma. London : Routledge Taylor : Francis Group, 2019, P150

Voehl, Frank
Change management : manage the change or it will manage you/Frank Voehl, H.
James Harrington, H. J. Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2016, P 390

Woodward, Bob
Fear : Trump in the White House/Bob Woodward. New Delhi : Simon & Schuster, 2018, P420

Smart business : Alibaba, the future of strategy, and what it means for you/Ming Zeng.
Boston : Harvard Business Review Press, 2018, P296

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