AIMA Journal of Management & Research (AJMR) is a blind, peer-reviewed journal and published quarterly.

AJMR is committed to publishing scholarly empirical and theoretical research articles. AIMA Journal of Management & Research (AJMR) is the online journal of AIMA aimed to disseminate knowledge on management subjects to a large number of academicians, researchers, students and working professionals across the world.

AJMR covers domains such as marketing, human resources management, operations and supply chain management, finance, business strategy and policy, entrepreneurship, organizational behaviour, organizational theory, and research methods and many more.

AJMR aims at developing India's intellectual capital on the web. It gives a platform to budding researchers and seasoned academicians to publish articles, research papers, and case studies. The comprehensive resource of AJMR has global reach and access.

This e-Journal will receive the comments and suggestions from readers across the world and help develop a global opinion on burning issues of management. To enrich the quality of content in the journal, AJMR is guided by well acknowledged Board of Advisors, Editors and Guest Editors. This quarterly journal focuses on specific issues on Management in each quarter.