Guidelines For Submission Of Articles / Research Papers / Case Studies

AJMR do not charge any publication fee.

However author has to summit signed AJMR Copyright Transfer Form.

Journal issues will be made available online for free download.
Publication Certificate will be awarded to authors of published paper

  • Submissions must include a title, abstract, keywords, author(s) and affiliation(s), email address(es). Please indicate the corresponding author.

  • Manuscripts submitted is expected to contain original work, which has not been published elsewhere in any form - abridged or otherwise. It should be plagiarism free (as per UGC Guidelines)

  • Each submitted article should be in English and should be between 3000-6000 words, double spacing with 10 points Arial font, justified, down load-able.

  • The author (s) name (full name(s)), designation and organization affiliation(s), email addresses. With clear mention of first and second authors. All this with content details should appear on the first page.

  • The article should be accompanied with title page and Abstract of 150 words and a list of key words included in the article.

  • Illustrations, tables, equations, and footnotes should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper. Tables, diagrams should also be separately provided for better re-production.

  • References, numbered consecutively with square brackets, should be grouped together at the end of the paper. The manuscript should have a bibliography, footnotes and endnotes.

  • Authors submitting a revised manuscript need to outline separately the response to the reviewers comments including changes introduced to the manuscript.

  • The received articles will be a property of AIMA.

For on-line submission of Articles / Research Paper / Case Studies attach files and email to

Peer Review Process

Once manuscript is submitted to the Managing Editor for review (which takes normally 30-40 days). The Managing Editor evaluates each paper to determine if its topic and content is suitable for consideration by the AJMR. Papers that do not meet minimum criteria are returned to the authors after this.

Papers that pass the initial review are assigned to an Associate Editor from editorial team, who selects several referees based on their expertise in that particular field. Each paper is reviewed by at least two referees under a double-blind peer review process where both the referees and the authors are kept anonymous. Referees are asked to evaluate the paper based on the basis of their originality, novelty, clarity, completeness, significance, soundness of methodology and research contribution and relevance to design practices. Based on the Review Remarks, the papers may be placed in any one of the categories like Clear Reject, Reconsider after Major Revision, Reconsider after Minor Revision, Accept as it is. To facilitate timely publication, referees are asked to complete their reviews within 3-4 weeks. After collecting the referees' reports, the Associate Editor makes a recommendation on the acceptability of the paper to the Managing editor.

Managing Editor will be responsible to look for the reviewers and maintaining a control in the revision process.

Revised manuscripts are usually reviewed by the referees of the original submission, but the responsible editorial team members/ Editor may seek input from additional reviewers.

Important Note: Authors should submit only papers that have been carefully proofread and polished.

Last day to submit Article/Research Paper/Case Studies as mentioned in the call for paper.

Note: Mark-article for e-Journal in Subject Column.