Dhabla and shawls of Kutch: Preserving Identity through Geographical Indication

Author(s) : Dr. Kruti Dholakia & Dr. Jagriti Mishra
ISSN : 0974 - 497
Year : May 2021 | Volume : 15 | Issue : 2/4

This case is based on artisans of the traditional craft of Kutch Dhabla and Shawl weaving and how they achieved the GI status. This case highlights the GI registration process in detail with example of Kutch Shawl in focus. The narrative unfolds with a textile student Michele meeting Meghji Bhai, a renowed artisan who is exhibiting at Rann Utsav. The study presents the challenges faced by the craft including cheap knockoffs which is posing threat to a craft which has a long history of more than 500 years. The study details the process and hassles faced by the weavers community to obtain the Geographical Indication (GI). Further in the case the benefits of being accorded with the GI status have been discussed which include protection of the cultural identity of the craft which has further helped the community in fetching premium price of the products. The case study also brings out the fact that earlier the craft had reduced to almost extinction but several weavers have started re- practicing the craft bringing huge increase in number of weavers . Currently, these beautifully woven products are being sold through numerous online and brick- and- mortar platforms.

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