Affluent Investors and Mutual Fund Investment

Author(s) : Dr. Sindhukumar.N
ISSN : 0974 - 497
Year : May 2021 | Volume : 15 | Issue : 2/4

A mutual fund, therefore, in its rudimentary conceptualization is a collection of stocks and/or bonds, where in an investor holds a share, which represents a part of the fund holding thereof. The financial institutions, other, industries and companies were vying with one another to get the surplus funds for their requirements. This had culminated into a wide range of investment opportunities. In the light of surfeit of investment opportunities, in view of newly emerging investments and in the face of severe competition for investible funds, the study of the process of investment by the investors in mutual fund market is quite relevant. The investors behavior, their profile, variables influencing them to invest in mutual funds and selection of mutual fund schemes have been focused.

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