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Artificial Intelligence-Driven Process Automation – Is it Real This Time

Author(s): Pooja Sharma, Dr Nayantara Padhi
ISSN:0974 - 497
Year:February 2020   Volume:14  Issue:1/4

Abstract: The disruptive potential of AI is being compared with that of electricity or steam engine. While automation of tasks and processes in banking is not a new concept, the pervasive nature of automation using intelligent technologies is at a different scale. This paper is based on extensive literature review and qualitative data gathered by the researcher from experts and practitioners in the fields of automation and banking. The article begins with building a logical yet easy to comprehend technology framework for process automation in banking. It further demonstrates the convergence effect of the framework using a sample business process in retail lending space. The article concludes with establishing the real-nature of the technological impact on banking automation and hopes to assist the bankers in understanding this complex technological space.

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