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An empirical study on the financial preferences of "Urban Migrant Workers" in Delhi - NCR

Author(s): Siddhartha Dash, Neeti Agrawal
ISSN:0974 - 497
Year:February 2020   Volume:14  Issue:1/4

Abstract: Migration has been an integral part of the evolution of mankind and has played a significant role in the development of society as a whole. Migration is usually not by choice instead number of reasons force people to leave their home base and move to a new place. Migration can take place in any form, be it domestic or international. It occurs in search of improving living standards both economically as well as socially. Improvement of socio-economic standards depends immensely on financial upliftment, and this becomes one of the most critical drivers for migration to take place. This study has been conceptualized taking this into the mind and focuses on the financial preferences of the "urban migrant" workers in the Delhi-NCR region. Here, "urban migrant" workers considered are domestic maids, drivers, construction workers and security guards. The reasons for their migration has been divided into five variables viz. forced migration, unskilled workers, low wage distribution, low education levels and rural migration. The sample size considered for the study is 100 respondents. This study has been carried out using a bilingual questionnaire, and the findings have been collated using the percentage method correlation. The major results of the findings suggest that the family income, living standards etc. have become better, post-migration. This corroborates the theory that migration happens, to uplift the socio-economic standards.

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