Assessing the Viability of Virtual Work Arrangements - A Diagnostic Toolkit

Author(s) : Dr. Sandhya Shekhar
ISSN : 0974 - 497
Year : May 2021 | Volume : 15 | Issue : 2/4

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen the world scrambling to find the most efficient ways of working virtually without diluting business objectives. The industry is trying to future-proof itself by figuring out which business processes and activities should be virtualized and what percentage of the workforce should continue to operate virtually without any loss in organisational and individual performance. Questions abound on whether the future of work should be entirely virtual, or a hybrid and if so, what is that 'secret formula' for the best mix, does it vary for different types of organisations etc. Currently the answers are driven by intuition and are therefore risk prone. This paper outlines a conceptual model for a Virtual Work Viability Toolkit, which will not only aid such decisions but also serve as a diagnostic tool for organisations to figure out where exactly there are bottlenecks with respect to virtual work and how to fix them.

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